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Azusa Matsuzawa portrait 1
Azusa Matsuzawa portrait 2
Azusa Matsuzawa solo exhibition
at Tokyo Gallery Forest
Azusa Matsuzawa portrait 3
Four young artists, from the left,Kosei Obata, Takeshi Otsuka,Azusa Matsuzawa, Ayako Matsuzaki at Gallery Art Point
Born in Fukuoka(Sawako Kido's eldest daughter)
Accepted to 26th Japan cutout association exhibition at first, after that, send work to the exhibition every year.
Graduated Kyushu Sangyo University Kyushu High school Design department.
Entered Tohoku University of Art and Design’s Japanese style painting department.
Published cutout illustrated book “Wood of Rubus pedatus” with authoress Hiroko Sakai.
March, Held "Azusa Matsuzawa's Japanese style small size painting" at Fukuoka, Café gallery Ani Pani.
October, Held "Hakata two girl’s exhibition" at Yamagata, Gallery Eyu.
December, Joined "Discover 2007" event produced by Tokyo Key gallery and Seika Gallery. Hold Tohoku University of Art and Design junior exhibition at Yamagata Yuso-Kan.
Send work to France cutout exhibition.
February, Send work to "The 40th anniversary Kyushu Senior High School design department attached to Kyushu Industrial University memory exhibition" at Fukuoka Asia museum. Received Fine prize at graduation from "Tohoku University of Art and Design memory exhibition".
(3/26~4/3) Send work to "Graduated production recommended exhibition" at Tokyo metropolitan museum.
April, Entered Tohoku University of Art and Design graduate school Japanese style painting department. Appeared work “Ksana” on art magazine “Bijutsu no Mado” June issue.
(7/28~8/2) Held 2 Person exhibition “Sawako Kido and Azusa Matsuzawa” at Fukuoka Shintenchi, Gallery SEL.
Held "Azusa Matsuzawa solo exhibition" at Tokyo Gallery Forest.

NORTH MOMO post card
May,"NORTH MOMO-From Tohoku, Exhibition by four artists"(Group exhibition by four artists who graduated Japanese painting department of Tohoku university of art & design) [GALLERY ART POINT(Ginza, Tokyo)]
Completed Tohoku University of Art and Design graduate school Japanese style painting department.
Held a charity exhibition for helping East Japan “Exhibition of Sawako Kido, Kosei Obata and Azusa Matsuzawa” at Gallery SEL in Shintencho, Fukuoka.

The present : Member of Japan cutout association.

Azusa Matsuzawa's Works

【This work appeared on Bijutsu-no-mado magazine, June issue page 36, Tohoku University of Art and Design, recommended artist space.】

Matsuzawa Azusa work「Ksana」

I started Japanese style painting when I entered University, and have been charmed it’s profundity and mystery all the time. My true work will be done at long future, I think , but I want to continue to draw Women’s mainly with expression of my own.

2009, The work received fine work prize at graduation memory exhibition.

【Paper Cutting Works】

cutout illustrated book『Wood of Rubus pedatus』cover

This is the cutout illustrated book which Azusa Matsuzawa made for the first time. Ms. Hiroko Sakai, the writer of juvenile stories wrote a sentence, Azusa Matsuzawa attached a cut by cutout at the age of a twelfth grader, and published at her college year. This is a heartwarming story that the animals of the fantasy cooperate and winter. I think both a child and adult can enjoy this.

※This book is limited publication, so is available only at extremely few bookstores. The person wanting it please inform the following e-mail address of an address and a name and a phone number and a number of books.
One price is 1,600 yen (Picture book 1500 yen and postage 100 yen). Please send it to the following address by money sent by registered mail. I send a picture book by mail as soon as the price arrives.

Address:Sawako Kido at Matsuzawa’s house
〒816-0964 13-3-4 Minamigaoka, Onojo city, Fukuoka, Japan.

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