Produced solo exhibition of Koske Ota (autistic student). Since then, held every year.
Accepted to 86th Nika exhibition for the first time. Since then, send work every year.
Received Saint Petersburg art academy prize at exhibition of Russia international palace. Produced and sold postcard for coral reef conservation, and donated earnings to WWF. Produced solo exhibition of Miho Inoue (student with down's syndrome).
Received Carrousel de Louvre grand prix and Tricolor art peace prize same time at France Louvre museum of revolution of beauty exhibition. Held parent and child exhibition, "Sawako Kido and Azusa Matsuzawa" at Fukuoka Shintencho, Gallery SEL.
Held solo exhibition at Los Angeles.
Received 90th memorial prize at 90th Nika exhibition.
Send work to Asia international art exhibition on and after them, send work every year.
Produced Kosuke Ota (the intellectual handicapped because of autism) 2nd work book publishing memorial exhibition.
Held solo exhibition, "View of soul" at Tokyo Ginza, Asahi art gallery. Send work to Asia international art exhibition at China, Kong tong city university art museum. Produced solo exhibition (cutout works) of Kozue Hoshisaki (autistic student).
Held event, "Sawako Kido's talk and visual show", titled "For unknown possibility, Road to Artist Kosuke Ota" at Fukuoka, Onojo Madokapia Hall. Held 2 person exhibition, Sawako Kido and Azusa Matsuzawa at Fukuoka Shintencho, Gallery SEL.
Received fine work prize at Painting exhibition of Japan and Guilin, China.
Held Solo exhibition at Shinjuku Hilton Tokyo "Hiltopia art square". Supported publishing MIho Inoue's art work book "Fuwa Fuwa" (published by Karansha).
Received Tokyo gallery grand prize at World gallery grand prix of Buyers guide 2012. Held a charity exhibition for helping East Japan “Exhibition of Sawako Kido, Kosei Obata and Azusa Matsuzawa” at Gallery SEL in Shintencho, Fukuoka. Send works to 36th Exhibition of International arts association at Tokyo metropolitan art museum, 3rd Heart art exhibition (sponsored by Kagawa prefecture, cooperated by Kagawa association on intellectual disability) at Sunport hall Takamatsu with Kosuke Ota and Kozue Hoshisaki et al.
Produced commemorative exhibition of publishing Kozue Hoshisaki’s art work book "fairy tale cat paper".
Held solo exhibition of small works at Shanghai Fugetsusha.
Held joint exhibition of Sawako Kido and Kozue Hoshisaki at Shanghai Fugetsusha.
Held joint exhibition of Sawako Kido, Kozue Hoshisaki and Communication-Art at Caelum Gallery in New York.

The present:Art director of education for handicapped, Chief director of work for volunteer party "Communication-Art of Specified Nonprofit Corporation", that support art activity of handicapped, as a go-between, Preside over The Matsuzawa Art Workshop, Member of Onojo City Cultural Federation, Member of Onojo City Art Association.

Kido Sawako portrait